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Unsgaard & Samson

Food paper and packaging manufacturing Founded in 1931, Unsgaard and Samson have established a long tradition of quality products and service in the food packaging industry.

The organisation primarily operates in niche industry markets supplying manufacturing, baking, retail and catering concerns with ranges of specialised paper, woven and non-woven products, as well as ,customised converted items for specific customer needs.

Unsgaard and Samson supply their products to all main industries that incorporate food production and packaging, namely: Agriculture , Meat retail and production, Bakeries, Hospitality and Hotels, fish packers,consumer products.

They have an extensive list of blue chip clients as well as clients with internationally recognised brands such as KFC, Wimpy, MacDonald’s, Mugg & Bean and Heinz Foods. Unsgaard and Samson currently supply major retail chains in South Africa such as, Woolworths, Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay and Spar.

Based in Cape Town, the company supplies a wide range of products, with the most popular among them being:

  • waxed and coated papers for food wraps
  • silicone, Eco-bake and greaseproof baking papers
  • oil filters for fryers.
  • coffee filter papers for industry and consumers
  • coasters
  • Unique ‘cloth wipe’ materials
  • - ‘soaker pads’
  • milk filter
  • udder wipes
  • meat patty separators
  • cheese separators
  • Fish liners for absorption

The specialised baking sheets are customised in either in silicon or lightly siliconised Eco-bake sheets, to ensure total satisfaction and flexibilty for customers.

Our production plant is designed to offer flexibility and customisation to meet our wide range of customers specific requirements.

Unsgaard and Samson is a Level 5 BEE contributor and are also ISO 9000:2001 compliant and accredited.

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